Meet The Team

We are a team of dedicated and passionate young people that works together to create memorable moments and sophisticated emotions through our lens. We are cheerful, easy-going and seek to capture – be it the vibrant colours of happiness or the calm shades of anticipation, we sought to create a photo that elegantly communicate just the right amount of details.

We like spending time meeting up with couples to become friends with them that will help us to understand their story of love. And, we always find ourselves fascinated by the love stories of our couple, mesmerized by their smile and the connection of love that always inspired us to capture the moments for a lifetime.  We hope that we can be part of one of your most important moment in your life by creating the images that will still pull your heartstrings even many years from now.

As I embark on the wedding photojournalist journey, friends are made, and ideas are exchanged. And, this team here share the same love and passion as mine. It is my family now and our path crosses professionally that touches my life personally


Alex Tan
Founder of Alextan Artworks & The Ace Experience
Asia Top30 Wedding Photographer
Malaysia Top10 Wedding Photographer -Ranking No.2 
OPPO Mobile Photography Ambassador Malaysia
Zeiss Ambassador Malaysia
Elinchrom Ambassador Malaysia

Hoong Ee

No one loves the story more than she does. With her outgoing, vibrant and patience personalities, she is always the best friend for all her bride. She also loves to listen to her couple’s love story and make it a dream comes true for them.

Alex Tan

Is the founder of Alextan Artworks & The Ace Experience – the conversation starter, the people person and devoted to create the best masterpiece of all time.

Ric Li

A deeply passionate young man that is always full of wild ideas and surprises you with his work. A fun & cheeky kind of person that you’d want to share your story with him.

Wai Chun

Sociable yet cool, a graphic design lover. His creativity is driven by fun and laughter, he believes in capturing all the candid moment that will make you fall in love all over again.


Art lovers but with a cheeky personality. Deeply passionate girl in creating style and work on her masterpieces. Being the newest addition to our team, she is full of surprises.